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About Variety Bedding

Founders Cornelio and Maria Luisa Ramirez

Our History


  In 1972 our founder Cornelio Ramirez began making his own mattresses after gaining years of experience from the largest mattresses manufacturers in the country at the time such as Sealy and Serta. In 1978 Variety Bedding was founded by Cornelio Ramirez. Soon thereafter the company took off producing mattresses for sofa-beds, futons, baby cribs, folding beds and a line of conventional bedding with Pillow-Tops, LATEX, VISCO and Memory Foam mattresses following . Today Variety Bedding remains a family owned and operated business in the Heart of Los Angeles. Variety Bedding is operated by Miguel, Graciela, Aureila, and Candido who are all children of Cornelio Ramirez. Our current factory has given us the capacity for greater output and the development of new products within our various lines of bedding. 

Our Goal


     Variety Bedding was established with one purpose in mind to make the best mattresses possible for the customers need. We do our best to make sure you receive 100% satisfaction from our company. We continue to improve every product within our various lines of production, and we also evolve with new improvements in the evolution and the safety of our products.

Why Choose Us


     When you lay down on our product you can feel the difference its not a replica of any mattress but our own unique brand of mattress. Our expertise, track record, and the guarantee we give our product translates to a peace of mind and ultimately a good night sleep.

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