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93% of people say that a comfortable mattress is important to being able to get quality sleep.

The global mattress industry market is expected to grow by $13 billion over 5 years.

People with severe insomnia are seven times more likely to have work-related accidents than good sleepers.

Our Mission

Our products are hand-crafted with the highest quality of materials to ensure you have your best possible sleep. According to the American Psychological Association, getting an extra 60 to 90 minutes of sleep each night can make individuals healthier, happier, and safer. That's why your mattress matters. With our mattresses, our customers are able to rest, restore, and recharge like they never have. For over forty years, our craftsmanship has focused on one sole purpose: YOU.

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Variety Bedding

1622 Nadeau St, Los Angeles, CA 90001, USA

Phone (323) 589-1620

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