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Don Cornelio & Maria Luisa Ramirez

55th Year Anniversary


  Since 1990, Mr. Ramirez has taken manañitas to       the Virgen of Guadalupe. He is a faithful believer. 



    In 1960 our founder Cornelio M. Ramirez and his family decided to move from his hometown El Rincon, Jalisco to the United States in search of the American Dream. Having worked long hours, and having worked as a bracero, Mr. Ramirez knew that the only way to make a name for himself was by learning the skills necessary to thrive and become an entrepreneur. After working for renowned mattress companies, such as Simmons, Ortho, Vogue Bedding, Serta, and becoming a top employee, Don Cornelio learned every detail of crafting a mattress. From cutting the border to tape edge. In 1970, he started making his mattresses in a small garage. His children, along with his wife, Maria Luisa, would help him sew and sell the mattresses to a nearby swapmeet. After gaining clientele and strong business skills, Mr. Ramirez and his family started their mattress manufacturing company. Variety Bedding Mfg. was born in 1975 in mid-Los Angeles, California. Mr. Cornelio is now retired, however Variety Bedding is operated by his children and it remains a family-owned business with the same employees for over 20 years. We have built a kinship non-comparable to other manufacturers. Today, Mr. Cornelio's dream has become a reality, and his mattresses are seen in popular furniture stores, department stores, Amazon, hotels, hospitals, etc. 


     On his spare time, Mr. Cornelio enjoys traveling back to his hometown el Rincon, Jalisco. Although mattresses are his passion, his true passion are the crops/fields. He is a well-known agronomist in Mexico who grows sugar, corn, avacados, and beans. From 2004 to 2008, Mr. Ramirez served as Mayor of his hometown and made a positive impact to the Agricultural Society of El Rincon Jalisco. With the help of his wife and children, Mr. Cornelio was able to build a patrimony for his future generations. 



Our Goal

     Variety Bedding Mfg. was established to make the best mattress for the best possible sleep. As time changes, we continue to improve and evolve our products without changing the original quality. Our customers remain our number one priority, for this reason, we focus on giving you the best customer service. 



Why Choose Us

     Because we are not a company that just started, we are a company that truly knows the mattress industry. We know what coils, what foam, what fire barrier, and what fabric is best for your body and rest. When you lay in one of Variety Bedding's mattresses, you instantly feel the difference because each mattress is crafted to perfection, but most importantly with love. Our employees are well trained and have been with the company since the start. Not only are our mattresses made in the USA, but are 100%.

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